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House model sitting on table with architectural plans



Building a home without detailed architectural drawings leads to construction mistakes and cost overruns. The road to your personal financial success works exactly the same way. At Village Wealth Advisors, we develop financial plans, investment strategies and management, and ongoing analysis tailored to help you live the life you imagine, without worry. We do that using a variety of tools including, but not limited to:

Research & Market Analyses

At Village Wealth Advisors, we constantly monitor economic indicators, market trends, new financial products & opportunities so we understand how to structure financial strategies that best align with each individual client’s goals, risk tolerance, and life expectations.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is a lot more complicated than just simply providing investment advice. We provide clients with plans for monthly budgeting, asset realignment and allocation, income generation and asset protection both before and after retirement, and more. We’re like the conductor of a symphony orchestra creating financial harmony for a beautiful life.




With your approval, Village Wealth Advisors will handle investments that are in sync with your individual financial plan, monitor performance, and regularly adjust investment portfolios to keep them on track.


Insurance Planning


Protecting your family is a key component of smart financial planning. In association with experienced insurance specialists, Village Wealth Advisors will often recommend a variety of insurance instruments for asset protection as part of our clients’ overall financial portfolio.


Tax Planning


We work with tax specialists to evaluate and anticipate the impact of issues related to the sale of a home or other investments, the implications associated with the death and transfer of your assets to family members and/or the charities you care about.


Charitable Giving

For those with more substantial assets, often a pro-active charitable giving strategy should be incorporated into your financial plan. These might be implemented as part of tax strategy and/or asset protection plan. And it might be effectively implemented by creating a personal charitable giving foundation. At Village Wealth Advisors, we have the experience and resources to effectively utilize charitable giving as part of a more robust financial plan.


Estate Planning

Wills, durable powers of attorney, trusts and overall estate planning are an essential part of financial planning. We work with qualified legal professionals specializing in helping families protect their assets and plan for inheritance issues and the transfer of wealth.

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