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Yehuda Noble

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Yehuda is a Paraplanner at Village Wealth Advisors.  His main responsibilities are to record and organize meetings notes and to assign tasks to make sure the responsibilities to our clients are tracked and completed.

Yehuda started off as our summer intern and left to study in Yeshiva in Israel for two years.  He is now at Touro University earning his business degree.  Yehuda is also studying for the Finra Series-65 exam in order to become a Village Wealth Advisors trader.

Yehuda is Orthodox-Jewish and an active member of the Jewish community.  He attends synagogue three times a day, observes the Shabbat, and studies the Bible and Talmud.  He lives in North Hollywood and when not working, he spends time with his wife and family.  Yehuda also enjoys snowboarding, surfing, playing sports, and working out.

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