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Financial Security Means
Enjoying What Matters Most.


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As registered investment advisors and fiduciaries, at Village Wealth Advisors, we have two goals: To help our clients be more in control of their money and to enjoy a happy and very full life.  Whether you want to help your children and grandchildren, travel, buy a vacation home, or just enjoy simple everyday things, we provide financial planning services with an unconventional mindset. We help clients develop a plan for living followed by a plan to fund it. From financial planning to investment management, during stable or unstable markets….our expertise will help you live worry free.




Our investment strategies are unique to every investor because our process is unlike what other advisors do. We have a proprietary 6-step process that helps you clarify your goals and us understand the resources available to help you achieve them.


We start with a “Get-To-Know-You” meeting. This conversation is about helping us understand your lifestyle, family situation, health, bucket-list of things you want to do and accomplish, and more.


The second step is to quantify and analyze your cash flow.  Income in. Expenses out.


Third, we create a real statement of net worth. What you have, minus what you owe. It will include real estate, stocks and bonds, insurance, bank accounts, and other holdings. We analyze these to determine liquidity, marketplace risk, tax issues, dangers, and opportunities.


Next, we consult with you to more specifically delineate where you’re going; meaning what do you want to do the rest of your life? We work with you to identify any big changes that may occur such as relocating, the birth of children and/or grandchildren, increases or decreases to your income and living expenses, the outlook for your health and well-being, etc.


We need to understand your inheritance preferences. Will you be distributing your assets to family members? Charities? Or a combination of these? These issues impact the structure of your investment strategies and take into account tax consequences for your estate and beneficiaries.


Finally, we evaluate all of this information to develop a personalized financial plan, prioritizing protecting your assets to ensure you can live the life you envision.

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Nayivi Velez MBA, CFP®

Nayivi is a Financial Planner at Village Wealth Advisors and has been in the industry for over 17 years.


Jon Courtney MBA, CFP®

Jon is a Financial Planner at Village Wealth Advisors, specializing in, though not limited to, working with retirees and professionals transitioning into retirement.


Dru Brooks

Dru has worked in the personal financial services since 2009, joining Village Wealth Advisors in 2018.

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